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Nice to see there are individuals here who played the game around same time as me. I started in 2001, before they introduced The Wilderness and Runite lol. Those were much easier days. I got addicted also. Went PKing at the Wild at Varrock and Edgeville. This was some of my very best online memories. I'm interested, are you currently in web development or some kind of computer science discipline now? I am half expecting you to say"and that's RuneScape gold exactly what made me launch my own business doing X" but I half expect you to say"World of Warcraft forever ruined that dream" because you got so deep.

I did it as a hobby for several years as a teen. I wanted to go into computer science but ended up joining the army at 19. Did this for 6yrs. It kept me busy. . Then after the army, I needed to go to school for computer science however, was always having living and financial hardship. I worked for a few tech companies after the army, one as a real web developer making WordPress plug-ins for a promotion company in my late 20s, but had been laid off with half the devs two months into it. Then did trucking for some time hoping to conserve money for college that way, but trucking sucked and I had to quit a couple of companies due to them screwing me pay, having me push dangerous trucks, etc.. . So I got into security. That did not pay much.

I went into hauling fugitives around the nation but kept me busy, plus I had to quit this job because they wanted me to push a massive greyhound sized prison bus plagued by issues that I stopped. . So I got into federal security. Eventually, I had a job that paid well and seemed stable. They screwed me for reporting a safety issue having an unstable Co worker. . So now I just recently got into doing administrative security work for an approaching $800m Facebook data centre as an access control specialist/coordinator. I would still like to go to school for computer science once I have money saved up, using that money and my gi invoice from the military. . Being that I've had to move a couple times and this job is newer, I'm short on cash. . However, the plan is in place and I'm working towards it. I'm currently 31yrs old. Working towards a goal that I feel rather stemmed from runescape when I was 12.

Person I adored Runescape, got to it on the exact same time, but we just had dial up net and it was almost a chore to perform on that connection. I can not remember how far I improved with Rs3 gold my personality before I gave up having to jockey for time on the line and coping with link drops.

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By Kin Gang
Added Sep 29


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