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You don't have to RuneScape gold fret about food, since the skiller does not tank... ("HEY 105, get here, we are in need of a high level to tank the hits, while we don't have any harm and grab food that's on the ground once you simply tanked 10+ stinks. Oh ya, no food for you , since we're lower level than you, we need food more even though we do not get hit". You don't have to worry about which boss the party's facing, since the skiller isn't fighting. You don't have to worry about keys, since someone else other than the skiller is ... more
Ruify Oct 18 · Tags: runescape gold
Craft your first excursion of RS gold runes as normal, and then tele to the rc guild. Once there, run errands into the cellar. Speak to sedridor ( I think thats the name) and tele to the rune ess mine. Mine a full list of ess, then tele to the rc altar. Then repeat the previous 4 steps until you've used up all of your pills. Rc xp, mining xp, and no banking, with barely any running. I have not tested this procedure myself, but it seems pretty fast and easy. Note: this approach requires 50 runecrafting for accessibility to the ... more
sunxuemei Sep 29 · Tags: runescape gold
 The Medieval Age in RuneScape that's a RuneScape gold total of 556,385 skillcapes earned, not including questcapes. Do you find something interesting? Ever since the very first notion of Sailing, I have been studying the Medieval era where RuneScape is place. This thread will contain my comprehension, in addition to how it's in the game of RuneScape. Everything here's my own opinions, so please do not spam this thread if you have nothing interesting to say. Thank you. Note: In this thread, the Middle Age and Medieval E... more
sunxuemei Sep 26 · Tags: runescape gold
Both back in Best OSRS Gold site the afternoon and I set a aim assists with burnout. I have not logged in for a couple of days and powered back up to 100 combat. Did the same thing when I struck 88 fletching and first came back. Once I max quests and get 70 all that I likely will end up stopping though, or playing quite sparingly. However, for a lot of Runescape there's enough going on till you hit levels. Basically happened in my primary with me. Only started feeling like the time commitment was past 70s, even 60s for some skil... more
sunxuemei Sep 13 · Tags: runescape gold
I guess that RS gold they must not understood it was even though people had been begging because the release of EoC for it. Surethey don't necessarily know. However, as it stands, the arguments for launch RS3 on Steam provided are not and foolish even remotely legitimate. My point is not Jagex is all-knowing and can be relied on to make the right decisions that. It's without considering the picture that a great deal of players create radical suggestions. RuneScape moving to updates Obviously the majority of the comments will ... more
RuneScape moving to monthly upgrades Obviously nearly all OSRS gold the comments will be"haven't they already done that" but allows really have a discussion. They're officially changing the anticipation from each Monday with something to it only being a month. Seems as though they are going for the close of the month for a launch point for each of their upgrades. They have done this in the past, but its nice to know that updates are coming at the end of the month and then they use the month to build hype for that upgrade, kind... more